Board Committees

2024 Committee Roster


Committee Charge: Always keeping in mind the Triple Bottom Line (as outlined in the board approved Sustainability Policy), this committee​ reviews matters related to financial statements, the systems of internal controls and compliance, and the annual independent audit process, including the recommended engagement of and receiving of all reports from the auditors.

Audited Financial Reports:
2023: July
2022: June
2021: MayAugust


Committee Charge: The Board Development Committee reviews and oversees the orientation of MHLS Trustees, as well as staff initiatives that support trustees of member library boards and the MHLS Board. Those initiatives include the MHLS Annual Membership Meeting and trustee workshops. With staff support, the committee also encourages, models and evaluates the advocacy of the MHLS Board and its outreach to member library boards. The committee preferably includes at least one representative from each county.


2024: April

2023: April | December

2022: April | October

2021: AprilOctober
2020: May | November

2019: April | November

2018: April | November


Committee Charge: Reviews the MHLS Bylaws and presents a report and recommendations at the Board of Trustees May meeting, following which the board may present its recommendations for amendments at the annual meeting. Reviews and recommends MHLS policies and procedures other than those that are explicitly covered by other committees.


2024: March
2023: May
2021: March  | AprilNovember
2020: December
2019: April | December
2018: April | November


Committee Charge: “The Executive Committee, consisting of the officers and the immediate Past President, if the immediate Past President is still a member of the Board, and otherwise in conformance with New York State Law, shall transact such business as may be necessary between meetings of the Board. If the Past President is no longer seated on the Board, the Nominating and Elections Committee will nominate an additional member” -MHLS Bylaws


2023: January | October

2022: November

2021: January  | AprilSeptember | December

2020: May | June

2019: February 5  | February 21 |  April 2 , 11 |May 1 | June 51626 |


Committee Charge: Provides oversight for the maintenance and management of MHLS facilities and grounds, including facility infrastructure, such as communication and I.T. systems. Meets at least twice a year, including an annual physical inspection and review of the MHLS facilities.


2024: April

2023: April | August

2022: April | October

2021: AprilOctober

2020: April | November

2019: April | October
2018: June | October


Committee Charge: Always keeping in mind the Triple Bottom Line (as outlined in the board approved Sustainability Policy), this committee​, reviews the system budget for the forthcoming year, makes modifications to the current year, and monitors financial performance. Preferably one trustee from each county.


2021: AugustNovember
2020: April | May | August | December
2019: February | March | August | November
2018: August | November


Committee Charge: Responsible for the continuing review of the MHLS grants program. Presents its recommendations for the following year’s grants program to the board prior to the review of the next year’s budget.


2024: March

2023: March | September

2022: February | September 

2021: March  | August

2020: March | August

2019: March | July | September
2018: February | August


Committee Charge: Presents, at the September meeting, a slate of officers for the following year’s board of trustees. The officers are elected at the December meeting. The Chair of this committee will also prepare and conduct the election of trustees at the annual meeting. The committee upholds the MHLS core values of equity, diversity, and inclusion in its work. The committee is preferably comprised of a representative from each county.


2024: May

2023: AprilAugust

2022: March | September

2021: MayAugust

2019: March | May
2018: April


Committee Charge: The Committee, consistent with MHLS’ vision, mission and values, including but not limited to equity, diversity, and inclusion, works to prepare and review the System’s formal long-range Plan of Service. Also sets goals for the System and monitors the progress being made by the System in connection with such plans and goals and, where necessary, seeing what adjustment in either plan or performance may be appropriate. Reviews and makes recommendations regarding the executive director’s job description and evaluation procedure, salaries, benefits, and other matters pertaining to staff and employment conditions. Reviews and negotiates the contract with the MHLS unit of the CSEA.


2024: April

2023: October

2022: June | September

2021: JuneDecember

2020: June | September | November

2019: JulyDecember

2018: June | August | October | November

Government & Community Relations Working Group

Purpose Statement: To raise funds to address gaps in MHLS operational and programmatic funding caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, in a way that respects existing funding commitments from our primary funders and does not interfere with local fundraising efforts of member libraries so that MHLS services are maintained to ensure member library services are not compromised due to economic, environmental or societal disruption.


2023: March | May | December

2022: April | September | October

2021: March  | September
2020: September

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Working Group

Purpose Statement: The Committee, consistent with MHLS’ vision, mission and values, including but not limited to equity, diversity, and inclusion, to review Mid-Hudson Library System (MHLS) policies, procedures and practices in the areas of governance, human resources and system service design and recommend new approaches, in a way that promotes equity, diversity and inclusion as a core value of the institution, so that MHLS is authentically improving its commitment to racial and social equity and serving as a model for our member libraries.


2024: February